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Derwish Tourism

Derwish Tourism has over 15 years of experience in organizing activities and events for companies and government institutions, adventure tours and retreats. Recently we also offer exclusive holidays and accommodation in ecological bungalows in the Anatolian mountains. Our core values are: reliability, hospitality and satisfaction of our guests.

Our way is the
derwish way

Derwish Tourism is inspired by Mevlana Rumi, the world famous Sufi mystic and poet of the 13th century. Mevlana Rumi knew how to enthuse and invite people to develop to the highest level. For him, every human being was equal on a soul level. That is the inspiration for Derwish Tourism: we value you as a human being, whoever you are, wherever you come from.

Come as you are. Come and enjoy life!

– Who is Derwish Tourism?

The driving force behind Derwish Tourism is the founder of the company, Osman Çatik. Osman was born in Turkey, but grew up in the Netherlands. He has been in the service industry all his life. In the Netherlands he served the police for 23 years, as an operational police officer and as a manager. In 2010, Osman decided to start his own company as safety & security manager. As a security expert, he has provided training at the Dutch Police Academy for 7 years. And for 13 years he has advised different municipalities on different themes. Osman started his healthcare company in 2019 and provides care to people with disabilities.

After 30 years of service in the security, social and healthcare domains, Osman has decided to go back to his roots, the Anatolian mountains in Turkey. The environment of his hometown has attracted him very much because of the untouched nature and the beauty of the mountains, a place where villagers live in harmony with nature and animals. An area that has not been discovered from the tourism industry.

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You are invited.
Come and experience life!