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journey to your heart

26/06/2024 - 30/06/2024 


Welcome to you!

This event is for anyone who wants to develop (more) at the heart level.
You do not need to have a specific (religious) background.

Purpose of the event

Teaching is about developing good manners and recognizing your own bad characters. With the knowledge gained, we put it to work in practice.

To discipline your lower self we will work with daily prayers and zikir (sufi mantras). We will reflect daily on our own bad characters to stimulate development.

The Sufi way is not about talking but about doing. It is about action. So we work together as a community.

This means that we will help each other. But also physically: helping in the kitchen, in the garden, feeding animals, and contemplating about your own actions.

– Global program

  • night & morning prayers
  • brunch
  • afternoon prayer  
  • spiritual music
  • contemplating your action
  • visiting tombs of sahaba’s
  • lessons from the sheperd
  • reflecting your daily lessons
  • discovering the mountain life
  • quad tour (additional costs)
  • dinner, help in the kitchen
  • evening prayers
  • sufi teachings
  • sufi mantra’s & music
  • workshops
  • campfire in the garden


The education is based on the teachings of the Sufi Grandmasters Mevlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (q) and Mevlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani of the Naqshibandhi Sufi Order.

These are grandmasters who have reached the station of sincerity and from their spiritual station they can teach the seeker on the inner path.

want to join?

Participation can be done in several ways. Contribution for the 5-day program is € 300,- per person. Included all food and drinks, sufi gatherings and teachings. We have several options to facilitate your stay.

Accommodation Stay Price   Facilities
No accommodation 5 days € 300 1 person Only participation for the program, incl. food and drinks
Shared Room All-in (max. 3 people) 5 days € 450 1 person Incl. mattress, blanket and pillow + shared bathroom, toilet
Privat (single) Room All-in 5 days € 600 1 person Incl. mattress, blanket and pillow + shared bathroom, toilet
Optional Services        
Taxi Service - Kayseri Airport to Kuscagiz one way € 15 1 person costs are paid on location
Taxi Service - Kuscagiz to Kayseri Airport one way € 15 1 person costs are paid on location
Quad Safari 30 minutes xx 1 person costs are paid on location
Stay Longer All-in (before & after) 1 night price € 50 1 person costs are paid on location