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special groups

Welcome to you!

Derwish Tourism organizes a unique holiday experience for people with intellectual disability, autism and epilepsy. But also for people who have a non-congenital brain injury or if people have a physical disability. The program is therefore broad and versatile.

Enjoy life

Come and experience the energetic and healing difference in the mountains. It gives a positive boost to our special guests. They deserve to get attention and to enjoy. We organize sports activities for our active guests. For our guests who want to take it easy, they can enjoy and relax in untouched nature in a low-stimulus and healing environment.

In addition, we offer special excursions and activities with animals in nature. You can find some of our activities below.

– Global program

  • A day out with the shepherd and the sheep
  • Horse riding
  • Handling animals
  • Sports activities in the mountains
  • Plant trees
  • Tractor tour through the mountains
  • Excursion to a knowledge center for children,
  • Visiting a zoo
  • Exploring the mountains